Printed Circuit Board Design
Burn-In Board
     Maintenance & Service
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Industrial Oven & Chamber
Ionizer / ESD Clean
     Room Product
19” Equipment Rack /
     Storage System
Industrial Spare Part
     Replacement Support

Magnifying Lamps
5x magnification
With spring balanced arm and knobs
Can be secured in many positions
Super Sheng Gas Spring
Available in Free and Lock type.
Various connecting types of Blade, Ball Socket, Eyelet, Thread, and Fork.
Customized to specific application
Good Quality, Economical and
Auto Transformer
Step up or down from 115V to 230V or vice versa.
Range from 100VA to 5000VA
Conform to Safety Standards of VDE, DEMKO, SEMKO, BSI, SAA.
Precision Fluid Dispenser Dt-01 Series
0.01s Resolution
999 Timer Combinations!
Digital performance at low cost
Precision Digital Operation yet affordable
Built-in anti-drip vacuum suction
Front panel trigger switch for easy volume calibration
Built-in end signal makes machine interfacing possible
Dual operating modes
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