Printed Circuit Board Design
Burn-In Board
     Maintenance & Service
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Industrial Oven & Chamber
Ionizer / ESD Clean
     Room Product
19” Equipment Rack /
     Storage System
Industrial Spare Part
     Replacement Support

PCB Design & Consultation
We design the PCB based on your requirements & our expertise of over 9 years.

Layout, fabrication & Assembly
One stop solution to the layout of the PCB, & more.
Stack up design also included.
Fabrication & Assembly
Up to 24 layers
On standard materials such as FR-4, Polymide, BT-resin and
Impedance control, Length control routing
DUT Board / Loadboard / Test Board
Burn-In Board / Interface Board
Single layer to multilayer
Impedance control / Fine pitch and trace

PCB fabrication capabilities
Board material :FR-4, FR4-02, FR4-06,   FR-5, BT-Resin, Polymide
CU Weight :0.5 Oz to 2 Oz.
Board Size :1” x 1” up to 20”x31”
Layer Count :1 layer to 24 layers
Trace Widths :4 mils and above
Plating :HAL, Gold

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